Friday, 30 March 2012

People's Assembles Network

YouTube movie 'Beyond Resistance' appears on People's Assemblies Network website.

Following January's post here relating to 'Occupy London', the movement has now established an international presence and internet profile. They write -

The People’s Assemblies Network is an informative and resource platform to support the ongoing democracy protests and open, democratic assemblies in the UK, Europe and throughout the world.
We are open to collaboration and welcome your news about People’s Assemblies wherever you live, please get in touch at:

For further infomation you can read about various other ideas about Assemblies here and contribute to the further development of the politics and economics of PAs at our forum or wiki page. Also, take a look at the Wikipedia entry on Popular Assemblies, everyone who believes in a society much more democratic than the current model is encouraged to contribute!

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