Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Is this The Big Society at work...

Two posts from Bromley Cuts Concern supporters --

On Bromley's community services -

Bromley Council seem to be celebrating the 200th anniversary of Charles Dickens birthday by imposing new hard times on the people of our borough. 

£13.5 million of cuts voted through by our councillors will hit the elderly, special educational needs, disabled, citizens advice bureau, school improvement, street cleaning and more.  

The council should be caring for the whole community not casting the needy and vulnerable adrift.

Is this The Big Society at work. 

Paul Summers

On Bromley's railway services -

Last week the Government announced their backing of the McNulty Report which represents the biggest threat to the railway since Beeching.
If the McNulty report is implemented passengers will experience further cuts to their safety and services at the same time paying even further increases to their fares.
Many stations, such as Bromley North, Knockholt, Ravensbourne and New Beckenham will be totally de-staffed and many others, Shortlands, Chislehurst, Chelsfield, Bickley and Hayes staffing will be severely reduced, this is to name just a few.
There will be many further staff reductions such as no guards on trains.
Since privatisation the cost to the tax payer has increased four fold and due to the fragmentation and big profits being made by often foreign owned companies, nearly £1 billion a year is taken out of the railway, money which could and should be reinvested.
Even though McNulty admits that the franchise system has failed its answer is to actually increase this failure and give in to the profit driven companies by having longer gold plated franchise terms.
We ask passengers and the public to please contact their MPs and Councillors to reject this report and to ask for a not for profits run railway.

Stephen Leggett  

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