Saturday, 10 March 2012

'Green' Economy or Greed Economy? - an Open Teach-in

Open Teach-in on the 2012 Rio + 20 Earth Summit:
'Green' Economy or Greed Economy?

Saturday March 24th, 11am to 5pm

London Feminist Library
5 Westminster Bridge Rd
London SE1 7XW

Speakers: climate science update; the UN Earth
Summit in Rio (20 years later); the international
treaty process and economic justice; technology
assessment: hope or hype; and what to expect in
the future. Plus open Discussion.

In June this year, twenty years after the
original 1992 Earth Summit, the United Nations
will once again bring together a conference to
discuss the environment and the global economy.
The conference hopes to discuss what they call
the 'green economy', a follow-on concept from
'sustainable development'. The 'green economy'
consists of (i) giving nature and 'ecosystem
services' a financial value which can be used to
facilitate trading, as has already taken place
for carbon emissions, and (ii) using new 'green'
technologies such synthetic biology/biomass and
'geo-engineering' to combat environmental problems.

Hope or hype? Will new technologies build a real
green economy or perpetuate the current greed economy?

Whose interests are served by such technocratic 'green solutions'?

What are the risks of synthetic biology and geoengineering?

What's wrong with putting financial values on nature?

Can we build a real green economy based upon economic justice?

Come join the debate, learn the latest details.

For more information

Speakers and/or support from: Luddites200, ETC
group, the Land Magazine, Scientists for Global Responsibility and others

The event is free (bring lunch to share) but
participants are encouraged to donate £2-10 to
support the London Feminist Library.

This teach-in will be an alternative forum to the
Royal Society's "Planet Under Pressure"
conference, a large international technology
conference preparing for the Rio Earth Summit.

Bring lunch to share.

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