Tuesday, 25 September 2012

NHS links - fightback has begun

An anonymous comment, the fightback has BEGUN!, added to a recent post on this blog, was the feeling expressed last night at a public meeting organized jointly by Bromley Cuts Concern's community campaigners and a reinvigorated Bromley TUC. 

 (Left to right) John MCDonnell MP; Gill George; Mick Carney (chair); Chris Baugh; Glenn Kelly.

The work of two doctors, John Lister and Olive Peedell, not reported in mainstream media, was brought to the attention of invited speakers and gathered supporters. 


Dr. John Lister, in a short YouTube clip from March 2012, is Director of Health Emergency

Some doctors are taking a direct approach [...] Clive Peedell, a consultant oncologist who in January ran six marathons in six days in opposition to the Bill – an extraordinary story that nevertheless gained minimal media coverage [...]

(How to reclaim our NHS from NHS Support Federation website)

Links to recent NHS anti-cuts stories in and around London here, here and here  

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