Thursday, 8 December 2011

Where next after N30?

Although recorded it seems during J30 this video featuring Public and Commercial Services Union (PCS) speaker Janice Godrich in St George's Square, Glasgow continues to be relevant.

More up-to-date this week's Bromley News Shopper, December 7, features November 30 picture story 'Unions won't rule out more industrial action' (link to NS online which will require page scroll to feature on p22).
Last week's Bromley Times, December 1, came out too early for full N30 story but it did publish Kate Nelson's report 'Striking town hall workers threaten further walkouts in pensions dispute'.

Socialist organisation Alliance for Workers' Liberty (AWL) have produced a series of industrial bulletins. Post-linked here is Workers' Liberty Industrial Bulletin PDF Public Disorder (Pensions Special written by and for local government workers).

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