Friday, 8 April 2011 this week's News Shopper letters column - bully mayor and council officers' pay cut..?

In a quiet week for Bromley Cuts Concern in the  local media, a couple of submissions to the letters column of Bromley News Shopper, April 6th, have come to the attention of Bromley Against the Cuts supporter Paul S - who writes in a personal capacity 

I read two letters in the News Shopper 6 criticising Mayor George Taylor for being too strict, having people chucked out of a meeting just for seeking information. Having watched his performance when the budget was voted through, I'd say he does have problems. Maybe we can add to them. Also Rod Reed quotes from the council's website that  28 officers are on £100,000 plus. He quotes Cameron "cut pay and allowances before services". I think we at Bromley Cuts Concern can agree with David. If we are all in it together could we not demand that no council officer earns more than £ 50,000?

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