Monday, 14 February 2011

Founding statement

Bromley Cuts Concern has been formed to scrutinise and, where necessary, oppose the forthcoming cuts programme to be implemented by Bromley Council. We seek to be a broad, community-based group of concerned residents, independent of any political party. We believe that the best way to cut the country’s deficit would be to clamp down on tax evasion, tighten up tax avoidance loopholes and address the appalling under-collection of taxes. Combined, these could generate up to £100 billion a year according to the New Economics Foundation. Action on tax would mainly affect those better able to pay whereas cutting public expenditure disproportionately hits the poor. If you agree and want to get involved in Bromley Cuts Concern, please email <>

This was the unpublished letter of introduction to Bromley Cuts Concern, addressed to local media, composed by Bill Kerry of the Equality Trust and signed by COLIN CLARY, RICHARD COMAISH, ANN GARRETT, RICHARD HART, BILL KERRY, ANGIE STACK, MICHAEL WELLER in January 2011.

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